A Poorly Annotated List Of Jeff’s Interviews

Here’s a list of interviews Jeff has done on Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and other stuff. They are roughly in reverse chronological order since 2005.

You may use the search function on the site and blog as well if you’re looking for specific search topics. For whatever it’s worth, this guy has a lot of opinions on a lot of things.

Please let us know of any missing interviews that need to be added or dead links to drop or fix. We web gnomes will do our best to keep it fresh given the crappy salaries Jeff is paying us and our bad morale.

Note: for a complete bio of our tormentor and patron, click to the Self page.


+Evelyn McDonnell, on the role of journalism in building community and the state of the art of arts journalism (podcast)
+The Arts Politic, on hip-hop and the role of the arts in social change
+In conversation with Marc Bamuthi Joseph on hip-hop aesthetics, hip-hop activism and artistic influences at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Led by Stephanie Shonekan)
+ mp3
+ pop-up stream
+ Short transcript at the USA Artists site
+T.A. Negro blog, one of the best interviews ever
+Cornell Daily Sun
+AP, on Jeff’s days at Cal
+Shades Magazine in conversation with the great Joan Morgan, whom we adore
+Total Chaos Forum :: Walker Art Center (podcast)
+Walker Art Center blog
+Scheme Online

-DN.Kultur (In Swedish! We love Swedish web gnomes…)

-The Beatrice Interview: Jeff Chang and Simon Reynolds Plus, Part 2

-Asia/Pacific Arts



-Boston Phoenix


-Word Magazine Toronto

-Folha Online (From Brasil! We love Brasilian web gnomes, too.)

-Honolulu Advertiser


-Honolulu Star-Bulletin


-Campus Progress

-The Nation

-St. Paul Pioneer Press

-Minneapolis Star-Tribune

-Chicago Reader


-Philadelphia Weekly

-Los Angeles Citybeat

-Daily Bruin



-San Jose Mercury News

-San Jose Metro

-San Francisco Bay Guardian

-East Bay Express

-CIIJ Newswatch

Radio/Audio Interviews with Jeff

-The Takeaway, on poetry and arts in the White House
-Addicted To Race Premium

-WBAI Wake-Up Call, on Jeff’s 2007 Barack Obama article for Vibe

-NPR News and Notes, a discussion with Farai Chideya on global hip-hop. We love Farai Chideya.

-WNYC Soundcheck, on the Imus fallout. Imus sucks worse than our boss.

-KPFA Morning Show, on Total Chaos

-Sound of Young America

-Fire On The Prairie

-Sound Opinions with Jim DeRogatis & Greg Kot MP3 podcast

-NPR Day To Day “The South Bronx Sound From Mambo to Hip-Hop”

-Open Source Radio a panel with Bakari Kitwana and Boots Riley!

-The Progressive Radio (downloadable/podcast ready)

-Basementalism on KVCU (scroll to 4/30/05)

-NPR: KQED Forum with Michael Krasny (scroll to “History and Future of Hip-Hop”)

-NPR News & Notes with Ed Gordon and Farai Chideya

-MPR :: 89.3 The Current

-WXRT with Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot (Click Segment 4. Jim and Greg rock.)

-WNYC Soundcheck, we like the Soundcheck crew because they have good taste.

-WBAI with Jay Smooth, Hashim, and Leanne, three of the coolest radio people in NYC.

-Hard Knock Radio (3 days worth if you can take it! Just scroll down to 2/16-2/18/05. Weyland gets props for endurance.)

Video Interviews with Jeff

-“Hella Strike!” :: Speech at UC Berkeley, 2010 Educate The State Teach-In

-Walker Arts Center Teen Arts Council :: Elephants, Needles and Hip-Hop (This was at the 2008 Republican National Convention after we got teargassed. Jeff didn’t.)

-LBTV, Part 4 :: Politics and Art, from the great Lyrics Born’s website, done by the indubitable Justin Berger.

-LBTV, Part 3 :: Hip-Hop Revolution? Naw!

-CNN Blog Buzz, this one’s hilarious.

-KPIX-5 (San Francisco), with Pam the Funkstress! We love Pam.

-LBTV, Part 2 :: My So-Called Writing Career

-LBTV, Part 1 :: The SoleSides Story

-Flow TV

-Profiles (Asian America)

That’s it. And it should be more than enough, haha.

Thanks for coming around,

Edith and Archie

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