Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Zirin on May 1: A day without all-stars?

The great Dave Zirin on tomorrow’s May Day walkout:

The growing Latino presence in Major League Baseball is a story of exploitation and opportunity. Club owners set up baseball academies in countries where future prospects can be signed in their early teens for pennies, then fired with little cost if they aren’t good enough to play in the big leagues. As one player said to me, “The options in the Dominican Republic are jail, the army, the factory or baseball.”

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2 Responses to “Zirin on May 1: A day without all-stars?”

  1. Cal Ulmann says:

    Baseball sounds like a good choice out of those options.

  2. ronnie brown says:

    a young black body is the raw material for the pro machine, be he from Latin America or North America…Baseball, Basketball or Football.

    a multitude of applicants for an elite few…astronomical odds!

    …”so baseball “sounds like a good choice out of those options???”

    oh brother.

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