Thursday, November 17th, 2005

"Young voters led surge in 2004 election"…Uh, Duh

It only took the media one year to discover this: “Young voters led surge in 2004 election”.

Just as important, but completely missed in the mass-media rush to blame young people last year for Kerry’s loss (take a bow, NPR, for your idiotic, factless November 3rd, 2004 reporting–) was this inconvenient fact:

Hip-hop voters led the youth surge.

Here are the reports from the Center For Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement–which anyone who has heard me ranting about this have heard me cite over and over, and which the media will discover probably sometime around the winter of next year.

+ Electoral Engagement Among Minority Youth (pdf download)

+ Quick Facts About Young Voters, 2004 (pdf download)

On the other hand, if Rove and his comrades are not worried about other things right now, expect a big push in 2006 from hip-hop Republicans.

And that’s…no joke.

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