Tuesday, December 7th, 2004

Who Still Says Freestyle Is Wack?

Ciara, Nina Sky, and Destiny’s Child givin’ up the love to Full Force and the Latin Rascals and the most important, most influential of all–bet yall beatbloggers don’t know this one, not unless you were a DJ in the 80s and scratched with the breaks on Debbie Gibson remixes–The Beat Club’s “Security”. (On the real tho, Sweet Sensation kills em all.)

Meanwhile I’m So Sinsurr’s got the favela tribute to Stevie B, I meant Information Society’s “Running”. The sound of ’87 back in full effizect.

Diggers take note: Tommy Boy’s Freestyle Greatest Beats series is starting to look like Ultimate Breaks and Beats. Investors take note: hair-care products.

Quick, someone do an academic paper on the links between Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Pilipino, and Brazilian scenes from the mid-80s to now–from the Funhouse to South Beach to City Nights to Florentine Gardens to the Funk Balls. Now how exactly did you do the Webo? Dulce Veran, holla!

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One Response to “Who Still Says Freestyle Is Wack?”

  1. triple5funk says:

    City Nights and Sound Factory should be noted in the same breath. I’m not gonna front – if the mood/setting was right, I’d put on Jocelyn’s “Do You Miss Me” at a party…get the electric slide started!

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