Friday, August 20th, 2004

What You’re Getting Clobbered With

From today’s NY Times:

“High-definition cameras that photograph the undercarriages of trucks. A shiny new Italian-made helicopter with its ‘night sun’ floodlight. Little handsaws straight out of auto-body shops that can cut through chains linking protesters. A metal barrier that will stop a truck cold. Dogs that signal they have smelled explosives by simply sitting down…”

Here’s more on the Long Range Acoustic Device. It’s not a Bose subwoofer.

Meanwhile, here’s Tom Hayden on NYC ’04. And more FBI follies.

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One Response to “What You’re Getting Clobbered With”

  1. Anjali Taneja says:

    Thanks for the post. Awesome Tom Hayden article. And scary new tactics from the ny times for gettin’ the protestors. Unfortunately some of my friends are scared to protest at the RNC because of these very things.

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