Monday, January 16th, 2006

Voted, Didn’t Die

Happy MLK Day yall!

Here’s another analysis on hip-hop vote efforts in 2004, including ya boy, from The Bay State Banner.

Looking ahead to 2006, we’ll have the National Hip-Hop Political Convention in Chicago this summer, and the League of Young Voters ready to move in dozens of cities around the country. Stay tuned…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From reading the book, i think that chang did an awesome job on showing the history of hip hop. He really speaks from a love for hip hop perspective,and communicates in a way that people can understand. One thing that i learned from reading this book, was the fact that i didnt know that gangs came together to go against some political issues that minorities were facing. I found that it was really intersting how several gangs had issues with each other, but when it came to someone going against the minority race, they reacted together, as one. For example when Edgar Hoover laid out objectives against “black hate groups,” and how the Savage Skulls and the Young Lords came together.

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