Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Underdog Love: Trade Deadline Edition

There’s Sony/BMG Payola, John Roberts, and Jean Charles de Menezes. Then there’s the A’s.

The world is finally realizing what we faithful knew all along. Sorry to Boston and the Twin Cities, even to Houston–and oh yeah: f**k Steinbrenner and the Yankees! (wow, what pleasure I get from saying that…)–it’s all about us.

Yes, the A’s are officially The Hottest Team of The Summer. That means the rest of you may all join the bandwagon now–even Joe Morgan, and the brilliant prognosticators at Street & Smith’s, who picked the A’s to finish fourth behind the Mariners. (That’s the last time I waste $5!)

+ AP here and here

+ New York Times


Trade rumors are at: Sporting News and Sports Illustrated.

And welcome to our little world

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One Response to “Underdog Love: Trade Deadline Edition”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw all the payola drama. I wonder if anyone’s paying attention to the Vibe … what’s going on over there with the EIC writing about her boyfriend for the Vibe’s “unsigned hype”-type page. Payola of another kind, no? Check the issue with I think TI on the cover. WTF?

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