Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

Underdog Love In October

I, for one, am sick of all these stories about the “long suffering”, “long frustrated” Boston Red Sox. I hope they beat the Yankees, but really, leave it alone already. Jeezus. These punk asses have the second highest payroll in baseball and they act like they’ve had a hard knock life. Just replace “Boston Red Sox” with the words “Jeb Bush” or “Coors Beer” or “Steve Stoute” or “Ashley Simpson”. See what I mean?

Just cause you asked, I’m rooting for these guys. My soundtrack is Face’s “Guess Who’s Back”.

Of course, they have no chance. That’s the definition of underdog. Sox fans have confused not being the alpha dog with being the underdog.

Look, rooting for the Sox is like being down for Tony Blair, rooting for the Cards is like putting your money on the 1-to-3 horse, and that other team–well, I’m still rubbing my hands in anticipation of sweet sweet vengeance. Money don’t mean shit in October. Moo hoo hoo hahaha.

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2 Responses to “Underdog Love In October”

  1. hua says:

    yo jeff – I feel you. I can’t stand it when the sox are described as ‘long suffering’ or ‘long frustrated’ either, because it’s essentially the national media bumrushing the bandwagon. It’s the kind of language that gets trotted out along with the ‘curse’ crap whenever Joe Buck or Tim McCarver or ESPN need storylines, since it has very little to do with how people out here think/feel day-to-day – we aren’t underdogs and the only one around here who’s lived the hard-knock life is our back-up shortstop, and we know it. I can’t stand it when the media descends and portrays us as luckless imps obsessed with our own lucklessness, still ruing the days of ‘no, no nanette,’ or when the rather unpleasant history of the sox is confused for the team we field today – I’m referring to pumpsie green, not the babe.

    (I can appreciate the scarface proxy love, but as for the astros themselves, I seriously doubt if anyone on that team has heard ‘guess who’s back.’)

  2. Jeff says:

    Did you see that ESPN piece on the Houston Colt .45s? Now there was an underdog. They had to ditch their stadium cause the mosquitos were as big as Beltran’s hands. Then the gun manufacturer sued them for the copyright infringement. All of which kinda makes them hip-hop in a way, even tho it’s true that they are a pretty Mellencamp kinda team.

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