Friday, March 31st, 2006

Two Brothers With Checks: Seattle, Portland

Curse that puny digital camera flash!

Back off the road for a few minutes. Portland, we love you. Despite the steady Twin Peaks-style drizzle, there was so much love, books, music, art, and good food in the city, it never felt cold. Big shout to Chris Riser and the Powell’s crew, Connie and the global hip-hop headz, Chris Funk and The Decemberists, John Jay and the W+K crew, Kevin and the Nike crew. In Seattle, calling out to Joann, Jeb and Trev from AR-15, and Drew Wobbly. Like the UCLA Bruins, we’re coming back.

And while we’re on the topic, here’s a great report on why the West will win this weekend, no matter what yall East Coasters say. ACC? Big East? Psssssh. Fall back, and take ya Yankees and Red Sox and Dipset with you. It’s all about the Best Coast in ’06!

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3 Responses to “Two Brothers With Checks: Seattle, Portland”

  1. Joe says:

    White Sox are taking the ring again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    damn, i wish you guys hit up the bay too. i just finished toure’s “never drank the kool-aid.” gonna start adam mansbach’s “angry black white boy.” i’ve heard good things, and after hearing him lecture in akom’s class 2 weeks back i figured i should hop on it. but yeah, hope things are well.

    i should prolly make a log-on account.


  3. Ms. Aquino says:

    Hey Jeff!

    Missed you and Toure already! (as well as Jeb and Trev, just in case they’re reading this post. hehe!) Seems all of us getting together was not a happenstance, but must be a part of the larger picture. I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime.

    I’ll be in the Bay Area the next few weeks; will shoot you an email.

    Take care.

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