Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Turning Tides

Shades of 1986: Sandinista!

A small slice of history: In Reagan’s second term, the Democrats swept back into control of Congress as dissent began to open up around Oliver North, the Iran-Contra scandal and a needless war made by Washington bullets.

There’s sure to be lots of fallout from last night’s results, whether or not the Senate races ultimately shift the balance of power to the Democrats. Tom Hayden writes today that Henry Waxman will almost certainly begin hearings into war profiteering. Against the backdrop of Bechtel in retreat, and other war contractors reconsidering their death-to-profit ratios, it should be a very interesting 2 years.

In local races, one of our favorite hip-hop candidates, Jane Kim, won BIG for the SF School Board. Could this be the beginning of a starry career?

Aimee Allison lost in Oakland by a mere 800 votes. Hope she runs again.

In South Carolina, our man Anton Gunn also lost, but keep an eye on him too. Big things in store for him.

We’ll be hearing back from on-the-ground races around the country as the day progresses.

And hey, guess who’s bizzack in Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega.

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