Friday, March 4th, 2005

Tour Diary? What Tour Diary?

Here I am about 4 days from getting home to my own bed. It’s time to be real! OK, so the truth is, that even when I recovered from the damn stomach flu, I still couldn’t keep a tour diary. I really meant to, but the tour has been going amazing–and that means I’ve been unable to steal away time every day to write about the damn thing. So I’ll be back in the cave next week, and will post lots of stuff, including mad pix, of this crazy crazy road trip.

In the meantime,

+ if you’re in the Twins this weekend–and why not? it’ll only be like 5 degrees or something–come heckle your boy!

+ also…sending much love to Jay Smooth, Leanne and Hashim for having me come through WBAI and get grilled for this interview.

Don’t forget the rally today. For some excellent background and commentary on the events of this past week, check out Davey D’s site right now.

And I’m sure Jay will have updates from the rally by tomorrow morning.

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One Response to “Tour Diary? What Tour Diary?”

  1. Danyel says:

    anxiously awaiting details!

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