Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Throwin Up The W, March Madness/Opening Day 2006 Edition

Big Baby: “Damn, Farmar! Who’s your barber?”
Garrett Temple: “For real, dog, he give you a glow stick with that?”

If, as the LA Times says (and I concur) the Bruins Still Get No Respect, it probably has to do with Jordan Farmar’s early 90’s “raving, I’m raving” haircut.

I love you Florida, but yall are going down. I don’t love the Yankees, and Toure is gonna owe me lunch. Westsiiiiiide!

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3 Responses to “Throwin Up The W, March Madness/Opening Day 2006 Edition”

  1. ChiTownFilos says:

    I had the Bruins in the final game in my bracket, Jeff, and I’m a Midwesterner. Be honest — did you pick them to get this far? Don’t front, now.

  2. Jeff says:

    OK. You got me!

    I had to go and double check my brackets to see what I did. So in my “JJ Can’t Slam” entry on ESPN Games, I had UCLA losing to Memphis in the Elite 8. I had Flo in the Final 4 losing to the Tar Heels and and NC beating Memphis in the final.

    But I did pay more than $10,000 to those fools on Hilgard Avenue (I got the student loan stubs to prove it) so I figure I got as much a right to claim them now as I did 11 years ago.

  3. Jason T. says:

    Farmar’s just rockin’ classic UCLA alum Toby Bailey stee-lo.

    I’m goin’ with UCLA as well. Defense wins championships!

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