Friday, November 25th, 2005

The Voice’s Aina Hunter on The Source

Huge props to Aina for the most thorough piece on The Source’s troubles to date. Among the warning signs–estimates of the magazine’s ad pages have it at less than half the amount booked in 2000, and estimates of its readership have it at half the amount it was just two years ago. Aina’s piece is wonderfully written as well:

“When 50 Cent himself showed up in the Hot 97 studio of Funkmaster Flex on a recent Thursday-evening shift, the pair spent precious airtime stoking the feud. ‘I gotta ask you about this wack rapper Benzino,’ Funkmaster Flex said, referring to The Source co-owner Raymond Scott by his performing name. Hearing it, 50 Cent began to murmur menacingly.

A few days later, on, Scott upped the ante, asserting that Flex ‘talks a lot of trash [on the air] and when he leaves, he has a group of security guards, but one day he is going to slip, and when we do collide you are going to hear about it.’

People really do get hurt for less beef than this, especially around Hot 97, where broadcast taunts have preceded flying bullets, and especially around The Source, which has picked countless fights since its birth in 1988. But given the number of hits they’re taking–tens of millions in credit claims and lawsuits, arrests, even murder charges against key staffers–it’s amazing that Scott, fellow co-owner David Mays, and rookie editor Dasun Allah can put out a magazine at all. Just keeping track of the major court cases advancing this month is a task.”

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2 Responses to “The Voice’s Aina Hunter on The Source”

  1. Lynn Lane says:

    This blog is solid. Huge fan of your book and now of this blog. Not sure if you have checked out my vlog, but it has some interviews with a few Hip-Hop Pioneers as well.

    Docmaker on the Go

  2. Anonymous says:

    yea, i really need something to pull together all the crap that seems to swarming around that place. i was getting confused. the VV piece is appreciated. its depressing, but appreciated.

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