Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

The Other Shoe Drops For DJ Drama reports that Universal’s release of a legal mixtape by DJ Bear (who?) have only sold 5,800 units at cut-out prices since being released a month ago.

Drama responded, “How ironic. I guess they’ve realized just how important mixtapes are.””

The legal mixtape thing, of course, is hardly new. But there’s good reporting in this piece…

+ A UME exec admits they don’t have any, uh, clue…and

+ Retailers are like, whatever, next.

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One Response to “The Other Shoe Drops For DJ Drama”

  1. mr says:

    Nice story, but unfortunately based on the erroneous contention that mixtapes are “on the decline.” Mixtapes, just like blogging, isn’t a monolithic industry composed of a few individuals. It’s a form that people use.

    Taken in that light, people are still making lots of mixtapes, whether it’s DJ Supreme and DJ Jamad in Atlanta or DJ Big Wiz and DJ Envy in New York, even though they may not sell enough units — or have enough major artists — for the likes of MTV and SOHH to notice.

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