Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

The Minutemen Vs. Anti-Racists

This is from Aura Bogado of Free Speech Radio News:

“for anyone who doesn’t know, one of the minutemen (euphemism for white supremacist) ran over 4 compañeros at a counter-protest last week: the man was eventually arrested but released a few hours later and will not be charged.

meanwhile, felony cases against demonstrators continue after someone threw a water bottle towards the cop’s direction. one of them, kurt isobe, an 18-year-old activist, was held on $50,000 bail- which was finally released to $25,000. he was ordered not to attend any protests or demonstrations while awaiting felony trial- clearly violation of his first amendment “rights”.

so what we’ve got is a white supremacist who runs over demonstrators and walks away scot-free, while some youth of color may serve years of hard time for holding signs and standing against fascism. only in orange county, right? right…

this shit is really unlikely to happen in los angeles, but only because there’s a greater number of us coming out for years now. i was talking it up with a friend last night about orange county is just another border we need to transcend… i urge you to please show solidarity with these folks any way you can- either by spreading the word, showing up, raising money for the defense- get creative.

the people awaiting trial are you, they’re me, they‚re not in méxico or south africa or guantanamo–they’re on the other side of a man-made curtain that it’s time to cross…

somos más,


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