Friday, December 16th, 2005

The Last Thread Of 2005

We’re winding down the year here, then going on vacation. It’s been a ride. It feels like this year has been historic. I really can’t remember as tumultuous a year in over a decade. Not even last year.

In any case, barring something big–like we sign Frank Thomas or I actually get my act together and do a year-end best-of before January 1st–this will be the last thread of the year. It’ll expand with more and more links and stuff. If it gets too big, I’ll start topic headers. Anyway…

Best wishes for a peaceful 2006.

+ Mark Anthony Neal’s Best of 2005.
+ Michaelangelo Matos’s Pazz and Jop List of 2005.
+ Saha Frere-Jones’s Best of 2006. Because 2005 is so last year.

+ Jordan Flaherty’s latest piece: “Death, Abundance and New Orleans”.
+ Clear Channel sells a news center’s name to a bank. “‘Now reporting from the Amcore Bank News Center, here’s WIBA’s Jennifer Miller.'” (Link courtesy Rock & Rap Confidential e-list.) I’m gonna start branding my own properties in 2006. Now sh-tting from my Amcore Bank Asshole…
+ Michael Krikorian on Raymond Washington, founder of the Crips.

+ Junichi’s “Everything I Need To Know About Men and Women, I Learned From The Hit Songs of 2005.
+The FBI spied on Patsy Mink, and questioned her citizenship.
+ Ishmael Reed on Richard Pryor and “getting over”.

+ A great NOLA music blog for anyone who isn’t already convinced that New Orleans did it all, and anyone who believes it ought to continue to do it. Thank you, Steve Kiviat.

+ No Miggy for Manny, but Johnny is now Judas. Bosux fans sound off:

In what has become a sports rivalry of biblical proportions, do you find it ironic that Johnny Damon, aka Jesus, turned out to be, in fact, Judas? Can this rivalry between New York and Boston get any bigger? I know you can’t bear to think of it but the only logical countermove by Red Sox management is to sign Clemens and instigate a brawl by having him bean Damon.
— J. Wood, Natick, MA

Remember the SNL skit from the 90’s labeled “Steroid Olympics” and that guy tries to dead lift 900lbs and as he jerks up, both arms rip clean off his shoulders and are still attached to the barbell on the floor and blood is spurting out everywhere from his shoulder sockets … I hope Damon’s arm comes flying off while he is trying to make a throw home and his hand and arm are still attached to the ball as it weekly (sic) lands in front of A-Rods foot and then A-Rod vomits and passes out and Joe Torre has to come out and give mouth to mouth to A-Rods bloated purple lips … That would ease the pain of this trade
— Mark Faselle, Dallas, TX

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6 Responses to “The Last Thread Of 2005”

  1. Lindemann says:

    Just wanted to say I’ve really been enjoying your blog and will keep reading in 2K6. I also really enjoyed “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” (even if I didn’t agree with every single viewpoint expressed in it) and have included it in my holiday-shopping regimen for all my fellow suburban hip-hop enthusiasts.

  2. Jay Smooth says:

    Hmm, i think ishmael was kinda off-target there, in the second half at least..

  3. Brother OMi says:

    have fun
    see you next year
    thanks for the book again

  4. twosteps68 says:

    have a nice vacation. I enjoyed your blog.

  5. The Humanity Critic says:

    have a grea time…

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