Saturday, December 11th, 2004

The Gift of Music and Art

Stuff you may not want to pass up:

+ New Yorkers get blessed with the amazing political art of the Tumi’s crew. December 15 only, yall!

+ This new comp Out On A Funky Trip from dub specialist Motion Records looks like it’ll be off the chain.

+ Eden Canyon wines. California Pinay vintners with the flava!

UPDATED 12/13:

+ Stelfox is back! With MP3s!

+ Isaac at Quannum’s gift: this brilliant West African musicblog.

+ Brent Rollins’ Design Explosion’s gift: From the Congo, Konono N 1.

Last but not least, here’s Wayne Wonder and Baby Cham wishing you a warm Jamaican Christmas (produced by Dave Kelly)! Nuff love to Jacquie at Dancehall Minded.

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