Friday, August 20th, 2004

The Fourth Unheard: Twin Cities Rap

On the heels of Egon’s journey into Connecticut rap comes Peter Scholtes’ journey into the history of Minnesota rap.

Do you want more? You got it.

Here once again, for the benefit of us die-hards and all those funk-faking front-like-they-know-it-alls, is real hip-hop scholarship.

Someone–one of you gate-keepers out there that have been killing trees and wasting plastic on the wrong people–please please please please give this man what he needs to do a book, a CD compilation, a DVD, anything he wants.

While we’re at it, cop these books:

Freddy Fresh’s The Rap Records

Joe Schloss’s Making Beats

Like the man said: And if you don’t know…get an intern or a work-study.

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