Thursday, August 19th, 2004

The Emerging Democratic Majority?

More Blue Vs. Red analysis in this new book by a group of liberals backed by one really rich dude. They’ve been running these interesting print ads this past week juxtaposing people like Michael Moore (metro) vs. Mel Gibson (retro).

The argument as far as I can tell isn’t that new–blue states with urban centers end up sending lots of money to red states that are largely rural. Red states are overrepresented in Congress and tend to suck up resources through subsidies for agriculture and forestry, which in turn literally starve people in the cities. What may be somewhat new is the suggestion that “metro” america can simply outvote “retro” america, establishing a new liberal majority.

Interesting to see if this book takes off, as Kevin Phillips Emerging Republican Majority did back in 1969 at the dawn of the Nixon era.

The entire book is downloadable here.

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