Friday, June 19th, 2009

THE BREAK/S Opens Tonight In Seattle!

I’ve been hyping our man Marc Bamuthi Joseph‘s play “the break/s” to def from its opening last year at the Walker (for which the vid above was made) not just because it’s been part of a powerfully inspiring artistic dialogue he and I have been having over the years, one spanning books and plays and essays and events, but because many of us just think it’s the joint.

Now you lucky folks in Seattle get a chance to see Bamuthi’s acclaimed piece in a run at the ACT Contemporary Theatre that starts tonight and runs through July 12th. Don’t miss it!

Tickets are available here.

Some affirmation?

“All of “The Break/s” is uncommonly good. No false notes. No easy answers. It’s as complicated and powerful as the best hip-hop can be.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“This one-man show isn’t just one man’s show; it’s a thunderous, expansive and deeply felt wrestling match with being an American in the 21st century.”
Washington Post

Seattle, show your love. Check it out. Come back and let us know what you thought.

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