Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

The 974th Version of "Ikaw" + Blogreading Fun

Gotta big up Audrey’s post on the phenomenon of balikbayan stars.

More blog-reading heaven:

+ Tiny talks Nixon, Jabberjaw, and mid-sized dreams. (Bonus: midwestern ass!)

+ I’m late to the game again, but what a discussion: Julianne (and again here) and Lynne and Hashim and Catchdubs on sexism and hip-hop. It’s not all been said, and it needs to be read. As always, check the comments too…(Note to self: figure out a way to make it to Chicago again in April for this, and thank my homegirl again.)

+ Finally, on some stupid ignant shit, looks like some fools done put their hands in my man’s hive. Whoo-ee. Bad move, great blogging. Bonus: it all ends with a dope Q+A.

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