Monday, April 4th, 2005

Swing It Like A Helicopter!

Matty’s kids raise up!

Props to Illinois. But man, there hasn’t been an April game that’s brought tears to my eyes since The Shot and The Pass (and I will always feel sorrier for Fred Brown than I will Chris Webber). If I could, I’d send this one out to all the ones that never got the shine they truly deserved, my childhood heroes like Phil Ford, Jimmy Black, and yes, even Matt Doherty (the sixth–or seventh and sometimes eighth–man of the century). Dave Tompkins’ fam is playing Petey Pablo very loud even now and that’s where I’d like to be. I feel so good I may even forgive Roy Williams for Kansas. Hey Borman, Duke sucks!

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6 Responses to “Swing It Like A Helicopter!”

  1. Tim says:

    Hey, I’m one of Tompkins’ NC pals and we definitely rocked the Petey Pablo tonite while raising up something fierce. This one’s for North Carolina!!!

    P.S.: Your book rules.

  2. hua says:

    sigh. I mean UNC is the most lovable of the establishment teams, so I can’t be all that mad. but illinois, man. the stars align for my campus of birth once ever couple of decades, and I thought this team was it. alas, twasn’t to be.

    props to sean may, even if he’s incredibly overrated. a chubby 6’9″ cat bullying his way in the paint is what happens when the cream stops going to college. sure, dominating jack ingram and tiny reverend powell still counts as domination, but it’s not as dominating as o.g. danny manning dominating future lottery picks. damn all this.

  3. Nikki says:

    If it had to be a team from North Carolina to win this year, I’m glad it was UNC. I hate Duke with a passion!!

  4. Jeff says:

    establishment team? hua, you’re a BOSUX fan! not to worry, illinois will be back.

  5. hua says:

    actually, I think the concept of ‘establishment’ in college ball and the pros are pretty different. it’s not like illinois is someone puny (like a farleigh-dickinson) but your non-KU/UK/Duke/etc schools have a much harder time competing with big-name schools for recruits (especially out-of-state) because so much of college ball traffics in slippery qualities like ‘prestige’ or ‘tradition.’ if you carry the analogy to pro ball, it’s not like, say, the twins can’t afford to just go out and sign expensive free agents, carl pohlad just chooses not to because he sets his payroll artificially low. both systems are filled with inequality, but the scheme of haves/have-nots is pretty different.

  6. Jeff says:

    yeah, that’s true. there’s an economic underpinning to all this as well–that comes out every year when folks begin to talk about say, a football championship. of all places, the contra costa times two weeks ago did an extensive study of revenues, profits, and losses, and some of the coaches’ salaries of all the pac-10 schools. the stuff was really stunning. makes you rethink your pastime paradise.

    worth a read, even if you gotta cough up some loot:

    search for “university sports revenues”. unfortunately, you don’t get the graphs.

    but anyway, cheering for the bosux is like…heh heh, you know.

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