Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Support NOLA Community Organizers And Musicians

If you, like me, are rapidly becoming skeptical of the way official “relief” agencies are handling the needs of people of the Gulf Coast, and have been wary of the hundreds of scam charities, check out these and consider moving your money in their direction.

The first is New Orleans Network, which has been put together by community-based organizers that, previous to the flood, were working daily on grassroots issues. In particular, there are activists who have been central to the League of Independent Voters and the National Hip-Hop Political Convention. In the coming weeks, we’ll be telling their stories in various spaces–stay tuned for that. In the meantime, their efforts need your assistance. Check out the site and consider giving your money to them.

The other is ReNew Orleans, which is raising funds by selling t-shirts. The effort will directly fund the Preservation Hall Hurricane Relief Fund.

I’m down to list others that any of you may suggest. These are the two that are getting priority from me right now.

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