Monday, August 21st, 2006

Stuff and Things…

Don’t worry Ted, Theo Epstein’s running for the phone right now.

+ Why we’re happy Billy got rid of Ted Lilly a while back.

+ If you’re in Berkeley on Thursday, please join this very important conference:
Making Another World Possible:
Women Leaders in the Immigrant Rights, Global Justice, and Post-Katrina Reconstruction Efforts

+ The latest on Lt. Ehren Watada:
* Analysis
* News Updates

+ Rebecca Solnit on another Ted, the radical (in both senses of the word) architect Teddy Cruz
* Download PDF directly here.

+ Clamor Magazine vs. American Apparel. According to the Clamor staff, American Apparel has threatened legal action over a Clamor exposé of the company’s business practices. You can continue to follow the case at the magazine’s blog.

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