Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Students Occupy The New School

Last night students began what they call “an occupation” of the New School in New York City, demanding the ouster of university president Bob Kerrey and other school officials and direct student involvement in the school’s governance and investment policies. Students have taken over the Graduate Faculty Center.

Certainly media will compare this to the Columbia occupation in 1968, but the more immediate echoes may be of the anti-apartheid divestment movement of the 80s and the anti-sweatshop movement of the 90s, a precursor to the Battle in Seattle.

In addition to their demands for SRI, socially responsible investment–a movement that was catalyzed by the divestment movement–the students have also been deliberate about claiming solidarity with the striking students in Greece.

In response, Kerrey–who recently received a “no confidence” vote from the faculty–has actually begun a blog, in which he discusses a student senate meeting tonight as an example of the school’s “support of dialogue and dissent”.

You can keep up on the latest by following the New School In Exile blog.

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