Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Still Not Cornier Than Wash Post Bloggers!

Fact checkers at the Washington Post let this one by Jose Antonio Vargas through:

Already, Obama has gotten shout-outs from some of hip hop’s biggest names. In his summer hit “The People,” Chicago’s own Common name-drops Obama: “Barack stick, knight the people like Obama.”

Yeah, “Barack stick, knight.” I heard that…OK…

“Strike A Pose”? Now it’s true that I came up in the 90s. But even these fools make me look like I’m (insert your current avatar of cool here, junior).

BTW just in case you were wondering? I’m not a hip-hop fundamentalist and I certainly never said it was dead! (See post labels…)

Now let me take my old man medicine before I pop a vein.

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