Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Still Fiending For The Mixtape?

Alright yall, so I went out on tour with like hundreds of mixtapes, came back with just 1 copy and I’m keeping that one. If you’re still fiending for the mixtape, you have five options:

1) Check with the brothas at West Coast Mixtapes.

2) Check with the sistas at The Giant Peach.

3) Walk, don’t run to Turntable Lab in NYC.

4) Catch DJ D-Sharp on tour with Flipsyde or Quannum and beg him to sell you one.

5) Make friends with the folks at Quannum or Solesides.com. If you’re real nice, they might lace you.

That’s it! Good luck. I’m putting mine in the safe deposit box.

NEW NEWS: Click to Campus Progress, our favorite new website, for some downloads from the mixtape!

And OK, while we’re at it–here’s some other places online you can partly take care of your mixtape jones:

NPR News & Notes with Ed Gordon and Farai Chideya
MPR :: 89.3 The Current
Hard Knock Radio (Scroll down to 2/18/05…

There it is funk fans.

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3 Responses to “Still Fiending For The Mixtape?”

  1. LAC says:

    hi jeff…

    i came across your book by accident at borders the other day! i was asking a store employee something and i turned and there it was! “jeff chang”! on a book jacket! on the shelf beside me!

    “jeff chang. hmm. could it be jeffo? from cal?”

    sure enough! it was! it is! it’s u!

    we were at cal together. i was in paa. (too) active my first two years. u were in asu(?), in the office right next door. 5th floor eshleman. it was fun! it was a blast! fond memories.

    i may just have to come out to sfsu to see u on the 10th! it’s been a long time. 17 years! it’s great to know u’r doing well.

    hi to lourdes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey jeff,

    last week i gave a classmate of mine a ride home and he BEGGED me (yes, he BEGGED) for the cd when he heard it in my car. this morning he told me that he passed it on to a friend who works at def jam, who (along w/ his co-workers) apparently has been looking for the CSWS CD and was ecstatic to get a copy. too bad, i told him, i’m keeping what i have left. haha!

    also, the other day i was volunteering at a local radio station (wfmu.org) and met a journalist from brooklyn who said she knew you. small world.

    ~ heidi ~

  3. Brother OMi says:

    Peace Jeff

    i was being interviewed on NPR and Cathy Lewis (of Hearsay) made mention of it. i asked someone to get it for me for my bornday.

    BOOM ! my wife got it… man i NEVER knew about the GHETTO BROTHERS! thanks man so much.

    you are the man, hands down..

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