Thursday, December 9th, 2004

Soldier News: Whistle-Blower on Torture Removed From Iraq

Democracy Now reports today that a whistle-blowing sergeant was removed from Iraq after telling his superiors he witnessed torture of Iraqi detainees. He was flown to Germany and given a battery of psychological tests, but was declared perfectly sound. The Army superior then reportedly pressured the psychologist to change her diagnosis.

+ More on Rumsfeld’s accountability session in Iraq:

“We’re used to hearing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld answer questions about things that went wrong in Iraq by saying they went right. When he does that to reporters, it’s annoying. When he does it to troops risking their lives in his failed test of bargain-basement warfare, it’s outrageous.”

And here’s a blast-from-the-past editoriall from–of all people–Robert Novak with the backstory on how we got to that moment:

“On the eve of war in mid-March, Rumsfeld was ready to fire White but was dissuaded because of poor timing. The war would be short enough for him to wait.”

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One Response to “Soldier News: Whistle-Blower on Torture Removed From Iraq”

  1. The Bishop of Hip Hop says:

    Sad shit with the soldiers….

    All the way around…

    Dude, I got your book, are you BACK?

    If yes, hit me and I’ll bring it up to you tomorrow…

    I know- I suck…


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