Tuesday, December 7th, 2004

Soldier News: Loan Sharking GIs + More

Diana Henriques of the NY Times reports on payday loans, a form of legalized loan sharking–instant credit at rates up to 400%–whose reach has in the last few years has extended from ghetto corners to the entrances to military bases.

Hmm. Interesting connection, huh? Oceanside, CA meet Flatbush, NY. Fort Lewis, WA meet North Philly, PA.

A lot more info, especially if you’re caught up in this credit trap, here.


+ A challenge to don’t ask, don’t tell. Much more info here. Really interesting timing. Just at the moment many are demanding that the military honor its own rules and contracts, gays and lesbians are knocking on the door to be reinstated and serve proudly. If you’re familiar with the history of African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Latinos and the military, it kinda looks like World War II, doesn’t it?

+ Rummy says we’re out in 4 years. Just in time to secure his legacy, no doubt. If you believe this, I got some land in Mesopotamia to sell you.

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