Monday, December 6th, 2004

Soldier News: Fighting Stop-Loss Policy & A Victory

Monica Davey of the NY Times reports on a lawsuit filed to end the stop-loss policy. Here’s a quote from David W. Qualls, a National Guardsman who is the only man on the lawsuit using his real name–the 7 others fear retribution from the Army:

“You should know I’m not against the war. This isn’t about that. This is a matter of fairness. My job was to go over and perform my duties under the contract I signed. but my year is up and it’s been up. Now I believe that they should honor their end of the contract.”

In other news, there’s a victory in the case of five of the reservists who refused the “suicide mission”: they will not be court-martialed. The Army admits the soldiers “raised some valid concerns.” This case rang especially close to home, because the reservists duties were exactly the same as my cousin David’s–transport and supply.

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