Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 on The Source

Here’s a different take on The Source from the Media Chin-Check blog at

Benzino is Right…

…no one cares about this controversy with The Source except ‘those kids on the internet.’ And another group- industry insiders, who (as Danyel Smith admits) are biased in their opinion…

What do my friends think of Benzino bringing his friends to the mag in token roles? That’s called ‘looking out for your peoples’ on my block.

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  1. Hashim says:

    I was at R. Cepeda’s panel discussion on hip-hop journalism and one writer said, “Who reads The Source” now anyway?”

    I thought to myself, “Who DOESN’T read the Source?”

    This reminds me of Chris Rock’s academy awards segment where he interviews real people to see what they think of the nominated movies, and it turned out most people hadn’t seen those.

    But they liked “White Girls”!

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