Friday, July 6th, 2007

Sly Stone :: That’s When I Had Most Of My Fun Back

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David Kamp’s piece on Sly Stone in this month’s Vanity Fair reveals another wonderful family affair-type story. Big up Vet Stone! And Vallejo!

Not to mention it blames the whole madness thing on him leaving the Bay for SoCal. Like we didn’t know that already here in the neighborhood?

(BTW Greg Errico is one of the nicest people in the industry I’ve ever met. Just thought you should know.)

Here’s an excerpt:

On the designated day, Vet and I arrive early at the designated meeting place: Chopper Guys Biker Products Inc., a Vallejo business that manufactures parts and frames for custom motorcycles. Sly, who lived in L.A. on and off for 36 years but recently relocated to Napa Valley, gets his bikes serviced here. As Vet and I kill time chatting, we eventually notice that it’s about 10 minutes past the appointed start time of our meeting. Nothing worrying, but a long enough period to have faint thoughts of Hmm, maybe this won’t work out. Vet tells me how many doubters she’s had to deal with in booking those summer European dates, “people who wouldn’t take my call, people who hung up on me, people who think I’m a delusional woman.” She has been the catalyst of Sly’s tentative re-emergence, the one who pulled him out of L.A. and found him a home up north, who persuaded him to play with her band and get back out on the road again. It’s exhausted her, and she’s openly daunted by the logistics of planning for her brother, never the smoothest of travelers, to fly to Europe and then zip from Umbria to Montreux to Ghent.

But she’s gotten this far, which fuels her faith. “All I can say,” she says, and it’s something she says a lot, “is that I’m his little sister, and he’s never lied to me.”

Read it all

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