Monday, July 26th, 2004

Shut Up Already. Damn.

The most powerful man in the Fleet Center was dude running the teleprompter. Everyone–including Bill Clinton (my son was disappointed it wasn’t George Clinton)–was rushing against time like Cinderella before her 11pm EST curfew.

Reverend David Alston’s gripping speech was hurt the most. It was a great one, could have been one for history, but live TV doesn’t wait for nobody.

So Bill’s punchlines–and he had some great ones–died on the vine. On the other hand, Hillary stretched her reported 4 minutes to like 10+. Take that, Edwards! I lay money she’ll do it again in 2012. What a rebel.

Hey, can anyone in Fleet get me one of those concert lightie things? I might have an extra Tipper Rocks! hand-drum around here.

BTW Michael Moore chillin with Jimmy and Rosalyn? Word.

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