Friday, September 17th, 2004


Because these days The Man won’t let us do pants.

+Jess Harvell on Ashlee Simpson.

+Popwherry on Kobe and R. Kelly.

+Yancey Strickler does DFA.

+Me on Talking Heads live.

+Hua on more live albums. Bonus! Racist Slate reader commentary!

Hey Hua, do you ever feel guilty for taking menial, low-word-count, shit-paying rock critic jobs away from good old red-blooded Euro-Americans?

Cause this laundryman sure fucking don’t!

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5 Responses to “Shorts”

  1. Das Spunken says: Your guide to an enlightening life!

  2. girlinthelockerroom says:

    People—stop giving the “Racist Slate reader commentary” any currency. Can’t you see this was someone’s idea of a parody? A stupid joke. Come on. Col Kurtz (think Apocalypse Now), battered shrimp. please.

  3. Jeff says:

    Well that’s an interesting read. So just as a thought-experiment–parodying who? Joseph Conrad? (Think Heart of Darkness. Boy Coppola sure had a great novelizer there.) Please. Sorry if I can’t get the requisite ironic distance on this one. Charlie surf. Charlie kill. Now there’s irony.

  4. girlinthelockerroom says:

    I just meant a parody of a racist–pulling in all the ridiculous, stereotypical things a racist might say–but so obviously over-the-top (I mean, matzoh balls for god’s sake and he even spelled matzoh correctly) that it’s GOT to be contrived, not spontaneous from-the-heart asian-baiting. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’d bet it’s someone Hua knows or is at least an acquaintance. But we’re giving Col. jackass too much time here. Let’s move on as they say. We have a president to unseat.

  5. Jeff says:

    Word. Thank you. And done.

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