Friday, December 16th, 2005

Sampling Junkies & Producers Take Note: Copyright Criminals Remix Contest!

Hey all you hip-hop producers/criminal sampling thieves/free culture frontline warriors/future Dangermouse industry pariahs, whatever you call yourself…

Ben Franzen and Kembrew McLeod are sponsoring a remix contest to go with their new movie, ,Copyright Criminals: This Is A Sampling Sport. I’ll be one of the judges.

The idea is to make a 4-minute song from sound in the movie. Samples from the film include voiceovers from De La Soul, DJ Qbert, members of Public Enemy, Matmos, Coldcut, members of Negativland, and others. The best overall winner will be included prominently in the film and the top 11 other entries are to be included on a companion CD.

Press release is here. All the rules, relevant info, and access to the samples are here. Deadline is February 28, 2006.

Slice and dice!

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