Monday, May 12th, 2008

Roberto Lovato on the ICE Raids Nationwide + Sean Bell II In Inglewood

Roberto Lovato’s new piece on ICE’s crackdowns speaks specifically to Georgia, but also contextualizes what’s been happening around the country, including here in the Bay Area (see below)::

Mancha and the younger children of the mostly immigrant Latinos in Georgia are learning and internalizing that they are different from white–and black–children not just because they have the wrong skin color but also because many of their parents lack the right papers. They are growing up in a racial and political climate in which Latinos’ subordinate status in Georgia and in the Deep South bears more than a passing resemblance to that of African-Americans who were living under Jim Crow. Call it Juan Crow: the matrix of laws, social customs, economic institutions and symbolic systems enabling the physical and psychic isolation needed to control and exploit undocumented immigrants.

In fact, the surge in Latino migration (the Southeast is home to the fastest-growing Latino population in the United States) is moving many of the institutions and actors responsible for enforcing Jim Crow to resurrect and reconfigure themselves in line with new demographics. Along with the almost daily arrests, raids and home invasions by federal, state and other authorities, newly resurgent civilian groups like the Ku Klux Klan, in addition to more than 144 new “nativist extremist” groups and 300 anti-immigrant organizations born in the past three years, mostly based in the South, are harassing immigrants as a way to grow their ranks.

The whole piece is here.

Davey D pointed out this incident on Sunday in Los Angeles with eerie parallels to the Sean Bell’s murder. (Update here.)

The long hot summer hasn’t even begun…

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2 Responses to “Roberto Lovato on the ICE Raids Nationwide + Sean Bell II In Inglewood”

  1. fromwembley says:

    What a pathetic load of crap. Jim Crow laws applied to Mexican illegals? No. You can leave that Jim Crow whining back in the past where it belongs.

    Your post implies a lot of black sympathy for Mexicans. Who are you kidding? I’ve seen black-Latino relations in Texas and in California. It’s called race war.

    As for the long hot summer – is that a threat? If so, bring it on black people. Bring it on.

  2. Tito says:

    fromwembley sounds pretty angry, hardly logical and, quite frankly, stupendously racist and ignorant. In direct contrast tot he fromwembley’s rant, which sounds cut and pasted from a white supremacist hate site or Lou Dobbs, the article paints a very picture of race relations, one in which there are differences within both the black and Latino communities. “Race war”?Pathetic in search of reality.

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