Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

Reggie Hudlin To Program BET

According to, Reginald Hudlin (not to be confused with Reggie Dennis!)–best known for the “House Party” films, “Boomerang”, the late great HBO show “Cosmic Slop”, and “The Boondocks” adaptation for Cartoon Network–has been hired by BET as president of entertainment.

This could be the long-awaited signal that BET will finally move towards foriginal programming. The decision comes after last month’s shift of power at the network from founder Bob Johnson to Debra Lee.

The interesting twist–Hudlin is a close associate and friend of Aaron McGruder, who has been one of the most merciless critics of BET. Has Hudlin sold his soul? Is BET really serious about programming? Stay tuned…

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One Response to “Reggie Hudlin To Program BET”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what’s interesting is the other people who were up for that job … and the marathon hoops they, including RH, jumped through. the calls that were made from bigwigs like … Oprah … like Quincy J., like B. Cosby … for the guy (because from what I understand, not a female made it to the final four) they wanted to win.

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