Monday, May 26th, 2008

R16 Week!

After the event with Adam Mansbach this week–check it out below!–I’ll be heading out to the second R16 contest. For the three or four of you who have no idea, it’s one of the biggest global b-boy/b-girl competitions in the world.

Sixteen crews from around the world–including Russia, Israel and Brazil–will compete on May 31st and June 1st for over $50,000 in prize money. The Korean crews are the runaway favorites, but the competition will feature many of the top crews you might know from Battle Of The Year.

It’s also a cool excuse to hang with the homies. Thanks to organizers Charlie Shin and Johnjay Chon (plus a big shout to James Kim and my girl Joy Yoon), this event will be ridiculously off the hook. Joe Conzo, Jamel Shabazz, B+, and Brent Rollins are just a handful of my non-b-boy hip-hop heroes who’ll be featured and in attendance.

Much more when I’m back, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to post through the rest of the week and, who knows, may even attempt to blog from Suwon. Tho don’t hold me to that. In the meantime, here’s all the info and def be checking Youtube for the uploads if you can’t be in Suwon and Seoul this weekend…

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