Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

R16 2008 Wrap

Top 9 Crew’s prize-winning show from night 1 of R16.

UPDATE: JUNE 5 :: Click here for the high-quality Imeem version of the Semis & Finals.

Back home from R16

If you hadn’t heard already, here’s how it went down:

Best Show: Top 9 (Russia)
Battle Semifinal: Riverz (Korea) vs. Top 9 (Russia), Winner: Top 9

The video is here, but warning to the purists out there…it’s edited. (Not sure if it was edited for TV or by the Youtube poster.) This starts about 2-3 minutes into the battle right after Russian B-Boy Robin’s controversial chinky-eye taunt–he’s the b-boy with the cap and stripes–although it does get C-4’s response–he’s the b-boy in the black tee. The incident that preceded this included a little dustup between Korean b-boy Physics and Russian b-boy Flying Buddha. Physics entered the cypher before Flying Buddha was finished.

Battle Semifinal: Gamblerz (Korea) vs. Brasil All-Stars, Winner: Gamblerz

4th Place ($1000): Riverz
3rd Place ($4000): Brasil
(Check the battle here.)

2nd Place ($10,000): Top 9
Champs ($15,000): Gamblerz

UPDATE: JUNE 5 :: The semis and finals are here.

Gamblerz announced they will be going next to do some benefit performances in China and will be donating their winnings and a portion of their earnings this summer to the victims in Myanmar and China.

In other news, the success of Benson Lee’s indie “Planet B-Boy”–which opened last week in Canada on its continuing run–may have helped seal a $25 million Hollywood signing for the Young Films production company project, “Hype Nation”. Gamblerz, who played prominent roles in Planet B-Boy, will be featured as the chief dancefloor opponents of teen idol Omarion and his crew, B2K.

Check all the R16 video highlights here.

More soon from me in feature-length form…

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