Monday, July 10th, 2006

Our Last-Ditch Effort To Save Cody’s Books

While Adam Mansbach and I paced up and down Telegraph Avenue this morning trying to figure out how to save Cody’s…

Adam suddenly realized, “Hey! I owe the bookstore lots of money!” He had “borrowed” 10 copies of his book Angry Black White Boy for a side-sale after one of the book events he had thrown there last year.

I berated him, kicked his ass, then blamed him for the Telegraph store’s demise. He mumbled something about a “Day of Apology”, so I kicked his ass again, then we ran upstairs to the quickly emptying administrative offices.

Adam found the nearest employee who wasn’t downstairs consoling people–it happened to be Melissa Mytinger–and after tearfully apologizing for causing Cody’s closing, he took out all the money he had in his pocket (note Benjamin) and handed it to Melissa. She humored us for a little bit (Berkeley people are nice like that) before calling security.

We were too late. We were all too late.

This is from Adam and I and thousands and thousands of others:

Goodbye and thank you, Cody’s on Telegraph.

The next generation will never really know what we had. And we’ll never really know what we lost.

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2 Responses to “Our Last-Ditch Effort To Save Cody’s Books”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That Cody’s on Telegraph has closed is absolutely heartbreaking. I now live in SF and did not realize it actually closed already. Wow! What a great space-this is sad, sad news.

  2. Hummingbyrd says:


    Telegraph has to keep up with the times.

    You can not have Homeless Meth Zombies scaring customers and expect your customers to continue to shop there when they have Walmart and Amazon.

    That sh*t is trill.

    Do Like seattle and get them people some regular drugs, therapy and housing.

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