Friday, May 28th, 2010

On Tar Beach

Just hours after Obama’s news conference, Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek + The Roots were right on time on last night’s Fallon. Check them performing “Ballad Of The Black Oil”. Alternative title, “How To Wreck More Than Just Some Nice Beaches”.

+ Download a preview of The Roots’ new album: “Dear God 2.0”.

+ If you don’t have the Reflection Eternal album yet, you’re buggin.

+ Speaking of wrecking nice beaches, check Dave Tompkins + Monk One’s Bonus Beach Mix. You need Dave’s book. Summer reading. Just find a nice beach. Don’t wreck, relax.

+ From The Not Relaxing Department: MIA is on the cover of Sunday’s Times Magazine. More of the “radical chic v. entertain us please” angle which really isn’t a dichotomy or a tension at all, just two different ways of expressing the same underthought, cheap, and narratively deadening point-of-view. Plus…a pull quote:

“Maya has a unique tomboy-meets-ghetto-fabulous-meets-exotic-princess look that, like her music, manages to combine sexy elements (lingerie peeks out from under her see-through tops) with individual flourishes (she designs elaborate patterns for her nails) and ethnic accents (the bright, rich prints of Africa are her wardrobe staple).”

Why Lynn Hirschberg? No more comment.

+ The real question of the day: Joe Conason asks why not simply nationalize the oil industry?

In these times, give thanks for the music and the art.

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