Monday, November 8th, 2004

OK Damn

First of all, it will take me another week to catch up on all the crazy commentary yall have been dropping. Nice to see everyone is all McCartney and Jackson at the end tho. Except for my man here, dukes up!

Secondly, thanks to everyone with well wishes. Some more background: my cousin David Miyasato enlisted in the army in 1987. You enlist when you’re 18 for a lot of reasons. You do your time like they tell you–3 years through a war to an honorable discharge, 5 more on inactive duty. At that point, by contract, by rules that the Army has established, your obligations are finished.

In the 8 years after that, you start a family, try to provide for them, and then the Army wants to come back at you like they own you. It ain’t right. It’s the exact opposite of what this country is supposed to be about.

David was an ammo-supply driver. If you haven’t been up on it, here’s a taste of what kind of work that is.

But David is not trying to duck difficult, perhaps deadly work–like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and all these other chicken hawks who refused to serve. David is asking to be treated justly and fairly, according to the rules the Army set forth at the beginning. That’s not unpatriotic, it’s the most American thing to do.

Whether or not you agree the war is unjust and wrong, David has done his time.

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One Response to “OK Damn”

  1. Cal Ulmann says:

    Cheney and Wolfowitz did not serve. Bush was in the National Gaurd. Rumsfeld was an aviator in the Navy for three years.

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