Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Oh I Want To Be There In My City

I’m homesick.

Here’s everything you ever needed to know about the Bay Area.

1) We mix business with pleasure.
Eric Chavez waited for this day for so long that he refused to be interrupted while answering questions, even as Nick Swisher and Bobby Kielty emptied a beer down his baseball pants.

2) We respect generosity.
In the introduction of the starting lineups, the crowd loudly booed every player until Torii Hunter was announced and then the fans erupted in cheers.

3) We sometimes lack confidence.
“When I heard everyone screaming my name, I just said to myself: ‘Do not strike out. Please, just make some contact,’ ” Marco Scutaro said.

4) We love being underdogs.
As Marco Scutaro hit a three-run double in the seventh that essentially put the game out of reach for the Minnesota Twins, ecstatic fans in the left field bleachers began chanting ‘What curse?’ and ‘No more curse.’ After a couple minutes, many began to chant ‘Yankees suck!’

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3 Responses to “Oh I Want To Be There In My City”

  1. tommyt says:

    jeff, the a’s are about to go down 2-0. and i am so fucking bummed. your running nationwide these days, so fucking do something, ok? thanks…tt

  2. tt says:

    hey jeff, i meant you’re not your. sorry, the copy editors are off tonight..

  3. Jeff says:

    have faith! milton bradley could come up to bat again tonight…

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