Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

New Yorker review!

I’m fighting a stomach virus, so I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait on updates. But this and this is certainly helping!

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4 Responses to “New Yorker review!”

  1. triple5funk says:

    Jeff! It was definitely nice meeting you on Sunday at the Brooklyn Public Library. I think that you handled yourself well – especially when the questions arose about hip hop’s roots in Brooklyn and Queens…I don’t know if I would have handled it so diplomatically as you. I am still in the middle of reading your book and am constantly reminded of how a li’l gal from a Bay Area suburb like me became enamored with this music + culture we now know as hip hop. Peace, yvette

  2. Danyel says:

    Jeff! Such an amazing New Yorker review! Awesome. Thanks for posting it.



  3. Matt_Car says:

    Hope you start feelin’ better bro..

  4. Schoolyard says:

    Sup Jeff, nice briefly talking to you at the Brooklyn Public Library as well. Glad to see you’re getting the exposure that you deserve. Great book, and I wasn’t critiquing you when I said the book ended aruptly, just stating that I didn’t want it to end just then! haha. peace, Danny

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