Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Nas Joins ColorOfChange To Put Fox News On Blast

Tomorrow, Nas, ColorOfChange.org, and MoveOn.org will deliver petitions to Fox News signed by over 600,000 people protesting their racist coverage of people of color, particularly Presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.

“Fox poisons the country with racist propaganda and tries to call it news,” said Nas.

“Watch what you watchin’, FOX keeps feeding us toxins, Stop sleeping, Start thinking.” he raps on his song “Sly Fox”. “I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth/Not the biased truth/Not the liar’s truth/But the highest truth.”

The protest itself is historic, bringing together one of the top rappers with the two most dynamic political netroots organizations.

MoveOn.org launched the netroots revolution after 9/11 and now boasts over 3 million members. ColorOfChange.org is the largest netroots of color organization, with a membership of almost half a million members, and is best known for its national call for demonstrations in support of the Jena 6 last fall. Together the organizations launched protests than prevented Fox News from broadcasting a Democratic presidential debate last year.

ColorOfChange.org gathered the 620,217 signatures over the last month as Fox News’s attacks on the Obamas increased, from the “terrorist fist jab” to “baby mama” comments.

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