Monday, November 13th, 2006

Me And Josh Davis Down By The 45 Bin

Here’s an excerpt of some hang-out type talk with me and the DJ known as Shadow in the latest ish of The Believer.

A fine issue, worthy of trooping down to the mag stand to get for your very own, if only to possess a hilarious caricature of me that looks vaguely Chicano that you can shove in my face any time I get full of myself.

Here’s Shaddy Shad with some wisdom:

I would say, “Right off the bat, I’m not the Hyphy spokesperson. I don’t go to shows—I hardly even go to clubs—I’m a good ten years older than most of the people in the scene, if not more.” But what I do tell them is, “Look, in the same way that you can be over here and listen to and understand bounce music but it really helps to go to New Orleans, and you can have all your Chopped and Screwed CDs but it really helps to go to Houston to understand, it’s the same with Hyphy.” From Sly Stone to Digital Underground to now, Hyphy is a witty, quirky take on things. And you have to be in the Bay and know the diversity of the Bay and its weird geographic shape, with its pockets of extreme poverty right next to pockets of extreme wealth, and all that weird interplay that creates the Bay as a whole. Even the weather—the weird way all the clouds butt up against the coast—it’s like everything’s cruising along and then all of a sudden you get to the coast and everything’s turbulent. And it’s always there, that energy in the air—it’s always turbulent, never still. And all that factors into Hyphy.

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