Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

May Day On The Frontline (2007 Mix)

Daniel Hernandez delivers a first-person account of yesterday’s police riot in May Day L.A.:

Until Tuesday, the immigrant-rights movement had been defined by its bouyant, almost jubilant nature. Immigrants and their supporters had marched peacefully by the millions for more than a year in cities and towns across America. All that changed on May Day in L.A.’s MacArthur Park. In one evening of baton-swinging, camera-crushing good old-fashioned police work, the LAPD trampled upon the rosy optimism of countless L.A. families asserting their rights and dignity in the heart of the city’s Central American community. And the department immediately drew rebuke for its brutish, seemingly injudicious show of force. Again…

Read the whole thing.

Thanks to Ken Burns Hates Mexicans–but we heart you too Jim!

In other news, I guess I shouldn’t have called Dirk a loser. I’ll wait ’til tomorrow night.

But I can call Papelbon a loser. We pasted that fool. Buck you Red Sux! That’s 5 straight, not that I’m counting.

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