Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Mark Anthony Neal on Common

Check it here. Great writing. All I can add for now is that it’s a great record, but I think Blackalicious’ (coming in September) is better. Yes, I’m not kidding.

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4 Responses to “Mark Anthony Neal on Common”

  1. Hashim says:

    I’m sure you’re not kidding, but aren’t you slighty biased about that?

    Myself, I am VERY biased towards Blackalicious. Nia is a classic in my book

  2. Anonymous says:

    Common’s BE = GOOD ASS MUSIC

  3. Jeff says:


    Oh I’m way biased! But I think I’m right this time though…LOL


  4. Dove With Claws says:

    Man, high praise indeed. The Common record is pretty close to classic, but I don’t doubt that Blackalicious has it in them to top it. Nia and Blazing Arrow both suggest that they’re capable of blowing any door straight off its hinges. (Anyway, the idea of bias is overrated.)

    By the way, Jeff, this is Charles from Madison. Hey from the folks here.

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