Friday, September 21st, 2007

Lost And Found :: Jena 6, Juncture, Keith Knight, The Well

“And so I threw another log on the fire. Let it burn…”:
This tree in Jena has been chopped down.

Lots of running around lately so it’s catchup time in these parts.

Jena 6

First off, big ups to everyone supporting the Jena 6. Yesterday’s rally was a huge testament to the power of grassroots organizing in the hip-hop generation. Even though CNN gave a lot of the shine to the old school (Sharpton, Jackson, Maxine Waters, and others), it was the new school that shepherded the case into one of the most powerful anti-racist demonstrations in years.

Props to the parents, Friends of Justice, Color of Change, and the hip-hop netroots who started the ball rolling. Props also to the radio folks, like Michael Baisden, the Hard Knock crew, and others, who have kept the case in the spotlight. Shouts too to the National Hip-Hop Political Convention heads who came out in force.

Finally, I got to talk today about what the Jena 6 case means and about Color of Change’s petition and their other efforts today on Farai’s show with Sean Gonsalves and Ernie Suggs. Click here to hear it.

Get Juncture!

Recently editor and writer Lara Stapleton sent this sprawlingly great (just like the town it comes from–Brooklyn) anthology called Juncture, to me. It features some of my old faves (including Mike Ladd, Jonathan Lethem, Pagan Kennedy, and Carl Hancock Rux) and a host of new ones, including Gina Apostol, whom Lara wrote to let me know had her hilarious story “Imeldific” featured on KQED, with music by our world-traveling home DJ Spooky. (Extra plus: the book is published by Soft Skull, one of the great underground presses.) Download or stream the reading now, and then click here to buy it already. It’s all about the shoes!

Keith Knight :: Big Baller

This is why he’s hot

One of our favoritest cartoonists Keith Knight has won the big old Harvey Award! Woo hoo! I understand through representatives of his publicity machine that he has promised not to forget the little people.

Way Down In The Well

Stop by for a convo with me and my new friends down in The Well this week if you get a chance. We’re talking total chaos, hip-hop aesthetics and breaking injuries. Peace.

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