Monday, April 4th, 2005

Limited Quants of Can’t Stop Mix CDs Available

Folks are still asking so I saved up some dough to make some more very limited quantities of Can’t Stop Mixtapes available.

Here’s the new final word on how to cop a mixtape…

+ Come through one of the events and get your book signed.
+ Enter the contest.
+ Check out West Coast Mixtapes.
+ Check out The Giant Peach.
+ Check out Turntable Lab in NYC.
+ Catch DJ D-Sharp on tour with Flipsyde and beg him to sell you one.

Have no idea what we’re talking about? Track listing is here. Previews can be found below:

Campus Progress website
Hard Knock Radio (Scroll down to 2/18/05…)

or as part of interviews here:

NPR News & Notes with Ed Gordon and Farai Chideya
Fresh Air with Terry Gross
WNYC Soundcheck.
MPR :: 89.3 The Current and MPR.

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